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Adding content for mobile aspect ratios

How do I find/add scenes that are no longer available in mobile aspect ratios?

We recently made some major updates to add more brandable scenes, update our categorization, and add scenes specifically formatted for mobile aspect ratios.

All of our scenes are available for 16:9 videos. If you create a video in a 9:16, 1:1, or 4:5 aspect ratio, you will not see all of our scene content but only the scenes that have been formatted for that particular aspect ratio. We have not finished reformatting all of the scenes in our library yet, so in the meantime, here are two ways to access content that is available for 16:9 videos but not for other aspect ratios.

NOTE: This is a short-term set of workarounds, and we expect to have added all the needed content for each aspect ratio in the coming weeks.

Use Favorites

You can access favorites from videos of any aspect ratio, though you may need to do some reformatting once the scene is added if the scene was built for a different aspect ratio.

Create a 16:9 video.

Add any scenes you want to add to a video in a different aspect ratio as favorites.
Go to the video you are creating in a different aspect ratio.
Visit the Favorites section in "Type of Scenes" to access favorites.

Duplicate Your 16:9 Video

You can duplicate a video and change the aspect ratio. So if you add the scenes you need to a 16:9 video, you can duplicate the video and change the aspect ratio to your target aspect ratio.

Updated on: 13/03/2023

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