How does the Biteable automated video assistant work?

How Biteable's automated video assistant works

Have you ever wished you had an assistant by your side to help kickstart your creativity? That's exactly what AVA, our Automated Video Assistant, is here to do. Before you get started, let's demystify the process.

Think of AVA as your friendly brainstorming buddy. You tell it what kind of video you want to create (explain a product, promote your business, introduce a new program, etc.), and it helps you get things rolling with a solid script and a visually appealing starting point. It's like having a pre-written draft that you can then personalize and polish to perfection.

How AVA works

Here's a gist of how AVA works:

Choose what you want to do: First things first, you pick the type of video you want to create (think explainer, promotion, introduction, announcement, etc.) This helps AVA choose the best pre-set structure that will work for your video.

Answer some prompts: AVA will ask you some key questions that it will use to generate a script. Focus on the essential information that is needed to create your video. For example, if we wanted to create a promotional video for Biteable, the prompt we would provide is "Biteable helps people create impactful, on-brand videos". You don't need to go overboard here.

Create a script: Using your info from the previous step as input variables, AVA sends a prompt for your use case, using your inputs as variables, to OpenAI to generate a script that fits the structure of your chosen video type.

Apply to a template: We take the generated script and inject it into a template for the use case, style, and aspect ratio you selected in the first step. Some of the templates and styles use stock video or stock images as placeholders for you. In some cases, we'll automatically search for and insert footage that is relevant to your video. You can always change anything in the video after it is created using text, footage, animations, or your own content.

How AVA does NOT work

While your input shapes the script that we generate using AI, you can't dictate the exact video you want. AVA excels at providing a great starting point, but the true magic happens when you personalize it and edit it to your liking.
Don't try to confuse AVA with requests it can't handle. Things like dictating a specific video length or specific visuals are already determined by your style and use case selection.

Think of AVA as a springboard to launch your creativity and give you a head start.

Additional language support

If you need a video script in a different language, check out our handy guide on tailoring your project to a specific language.

Updated on: 20/02/2024

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