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Creating a video with AVA (Automated Video Assistant)

Common Questions:

How do i use the AI assistant?

Skip the script and scrap your storyboard — AVA does the hard work for you. Create an AI-powered video in minutes with our Automated Video Assistant. Choose your goal, answer a few questions, and instantly generate the first draft of your next video.

How to create a video with AVA

Click the "New video" button and select "Start from our Video Assistant"

Use the drop-down options to choose the type of video you'd like to make

Select your video shape and style

AVA will ask you for some more info about your video — answer the questions as concisely as you can

Click "Make my video" to generate your AI-powered first draft

From here, you can edit your video however you'd like. Tweak the text, change the media, or add in new scenes and animations — it's completely up to you.

Types of videos you can make with AVA

There's an ever-growing list of videos you can make in minutes with AVA. Most of these videos fall into five categories:






You'll find a number of different options within each category to cover all your most important messages.


Can I ask AVA to make me any type of video I want?

AVA is a first of its kind AI-powered video maker, and works differently than conversational AIs, like ChatGPT. Instead of typing open prompts into AVA, AVA will ask you specific questions to help create a script relevant to your topic.

If the type of video you'd like to create isn't currently available within AVA, let us know. Reach out to our support team and we'll pass your feedback on.

What do I do if I don't like the video AVA created?

No two AVA videos are the same — simply try again to generate a new version of your video.

Can I edit my AVA video?

Yes! You have access to the full suite of Biteable tools and features included in your plan. AVA creates the first draft of your video — after that you can chop, change, and edit as much as you please.

Updated on: 18/04/2024

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