Vimeo copyright issues

What should you do if you use Vimeo for video hosting and receive a copyright notification?

Biteable owns the rights to all of the music we provide in our library.

Biteable has either purchased these rights, or had custom music created for our own use by customers.

In the past, we have seen Vimeo block videos due to copyright claims that were incorrect. Vimeo may be using software that inaccurately categorizes music.

In the few cases we have seen, the songs flagged were not accurate. This is an issue only Vimeo controls, and must be addressed or appealed with their service. You can also use the Biteable copy link page to share your video, or upload to other providers like Youtube which do not have the same inaccurate categorization of music. In our testing, the same Biteable videos hosted on Youtube and were not flagged and we believe the Youtube technology is considerably more accurate and sophisticated given the nature and scale of their business.

If you receive notifications from Vimeo related to music copyrights based on music used in Biteable videos, those claims are inaccurate.

This is our recommended approach to contest the claims.

Reach out to Biteable support and provide:

A link or project name for your video that was flagged
The name of the music track you used from Biteable
The information Vimeo shared on what song it detected you were using (typically not accurate)

Biteable can review our licensed music list and provide any additional detail for you to use in your online appeal.

Here is some language you can use to summarize the issue of Vimeo's inaccuracy.

Vimeo has flagged my video due to a suspected use of copyrighted music. However, this claim appears to be a case of mistaken identity.

The music track in question was legally obtained from Biteable, a reputable service that provides licensed music for use in videos. According to the terms of service and licensing agreement with Biteable, I, as a customer, am fully authorized to use the provided music track in my video content. The specific track used in my video is licensed for such use, and I have complied with all terms and conditions set forth by Biteable.

I believe that Vimeo’s automated content identification system has incorrectly matched the music track in my video to another copyrighted song. To rectify this, I am providing the following details for your review:

	•	Vimeo Video: [Your Vimeo Project or Link]
	•	Title of the Music Track Used: [Name of the Track from Biteable]
	•	Source of the Music Track: Biteable (
	•	Additional Information: [Depending on the track, we may be able to provide a link to the actual track purchased which likely differs from the one flagged]

I kindly request that Vimeo review this information and re-evaluate the copyright claim on my video. As this music track is properly licensed for use in my content, I respectfully ask that the restriction be lifted and the video be restored to its full functionality.

Updated on: 03/07/2024

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