How to use the Trim tool in Biteable

Common Questions:

How do I trim my video?
How can I shorten an uploaded video?

If you need to adjust the length of a video clip on a scene in your Biteable project, use the Trim feature.
The Trim feature is available when in Design Mode and is located with the other Timing tools.

Trimming a video clip

To trim a video clip, select the scene that contains the video you wish to trim. If you have more than one video in that scene, click on the video clip in the main canvas by clicking it once and then click the Trim timing button.

If the scene only has one video and it is set as the background, you only have to select the scene and then you can click the Trim timing button.

After you click the Trim timing button, your video will appear in a new window on top of your Biteable project. Trim the start and end points of your selected video clip by dragging the handles towards the middle.

Click the Save changes button once you have trimmed your video.

Other video trimming resources

If you need to perform more advanced video trimming or splitting than this, we recommend iMovie for users of MacOS, OpenShot for Windows or Linux users, or a web-based video splitting tool such as Clideo.

This video shows some tips on trimming, notably when it's advantageous to use the end of an element block / scene vs. the trim tool for the end of a video clip. Trimming Tips

Updated on: 05/03/2024

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