How to adjust the color and opacity of a text ribbon

In a Biteable project, you can highlight text with a background color to help it stand out in your scene. We call this a background color a text ribbon. Here's how you can add a colored ribbon to your text and how to adjust the color and opacity.

Adjusting the color and opacity of the text background color (aka the text ribbon)

Step 1: Select the text that you want to add the background color to
Step 2: Click on the Ribbon color icon in the toolbar
Step 3: Pick the color you wish to apply to the background; if your text already has a background color, skip to Step 4
Step 4: Click on the Custom color menu option and adjust the opacity slider to your preferred setting

Step 1 - Select your text

Step 2 - Click the Ribbon color icon

Step 3 - Pick your color

Step 4 - Adjust the opacity slider after clicking Custom color

Updated on: 23/04/2024

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