Note: Biteable Lite is the version of Biteable we made in 2015. After receiving much feedback through the years, we've built Biteable Pro, a brand new editor that offers more in terms of flexibility. Biteable Lite is now only accessible to older users, and it will retire in 2021. For information about how to make a video with Biteable Pro, check out this section of the FAQs.

Sadly we have to limit how many scenes you can have in a video 😢. For Biteable Lite, the limit is 100 scenes as it can take way way too long to build and time-out after that. As for Biteable Pro, we recommend making your project up to 3 minutes long for the same reason.

We also find that a lot of uploaded content, particularly videos can slow or even stop your video from building. So if you're finding this is the case, contact us and we'll check into the reason for you and help you out.

Extra tip for you: now that you know how long a Biteable video can be, you might wonder how long should your video be for maximum punch! Here’s an interesting article on Hubspot that recommends different video lengths for popular platforms.

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