Note: Biteable Lite is the version of Biteable we made in 2015. After receiving much feedback through the years, we've built Biteable Pro, a brand new editor that offers more in terms of flexibility. Biteable Lite is now only accessible to older users, and it will retire in 2021. For information about how to make a video with Biteable Pro, check out this section of the FAQs.

Unfortunately, you can't record your own voice overs directly on Biteable at this stage, but don’t lose heart! Some users do record a voice over in another application, such as Audacity (the team’s favorite open source audio platform 😍).

These types of music mixers also allow you to combine two tracks (your voice over, and your music accompaniment). Since Biteable only supports one audio file per video at the moment, using softwares like Audacity would greatly expand the possibilities for your video-making life 🌈

If you’re not sure how to upload your own audio to Biteable, check this page. Still unsure? Contact Support, we’ll walk you through the process!

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