We have many types of scenes at Biteable, enough to make countless videos! Some are designed in a very specific way (like our claymation scenes) and therefore don't have adjustable colors. Others, like our footage scenes, are made to make the footage really pop and have been designed specifically with that in mind. 🎨

Only scenes that are greyscale when you're selecting them in the library can have the colors changed. Note the difference between the scene categories below: Infographics and our team favorite, Frank, are greyscale scenes, while Clay and Isometric can’t be adjusted at the moment.

This difference would also show in the Timeline before you set a color on them. Scene 1 and 3 are greyscale and can change colors, while 2 and 4 already have their colors on:

Remember that when applying a color to greyscale scenes, you can only pick one color palette for the entire video, you cannot change individual scenes at the moment!

Hopefully this helps! If you’re not sure about anything, feel free to contact Support. We’ll lend you a hand for sure!💪

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