Biteable Teams has hundreds of scenes that can be added to any of your videos. This includes plenty of animated scenes, plus an entire gallery of brandable scenes which you can easily insert into any branded video template.

Start a new video or edit an existing project

To find scenes in Biteable Teams, you first need to either start a new video project or edit an existing video. Click “+ New video" in the sidebar, or select one of your existing videos and click “edit”.

After creating a new video, a popup window will appear. Here, name your video, select your video shape, and toggle the watermark feature on or off. Then click Continue.

Add a Branded Scene

There are two types of scenes in Biteable Teams: standard scene sets and Branded Scenes.

First, we’ll show you how to add a Branded Scene.

How to find Branded Scenes

In Advanced Mode

To find and add a Branded Scene in Advanced Mode, click “Add” on top left of the screen or click the “+” button to the right of your video timeline. Next, select “Branded scenes” from the menu.

In Smart Editor

In Smart Editor, select the “Add” tab or click the “Add scene” ribbon that appears when you hover between scenes in the list.

How to add a Branded Scene to your video

Branded Scenes are organized into categories, including: titles, text, numbers, media, backgrounds, logos, icons, words, and characters. Scroll down the screen to see each category. To view each scene available within any category, scroll to the right or click “browse all”.

When you choose a scene, click on that scene and it will automatically be added to your video.

Applying your brand colors and logo to a scene

All Branded Scenes appear in grayscale in the menu, but your brand colors and logo are automatically applied to each scene once you add it to your video timeline.

If needed, you can adjust the colors in any scene when you edit your video.

Add a standard scene

Biteable Teams also has a huge selection of standard (non-brandable) scenes, including animations, video clips, and stock images.

Find these scenes by clicking the “Add” button on top left of the screen or the “+” button to the right of your video timeline.

(Note: you must be in Advanced Mode to access standard scenes.)

Choosing your scene by category

Each type of scene is sorted into categories based on video type, tone, or the main focus within the scene. Click on any folder to see all of the scenes available in that category.

Searching for scenes

Within “Videos & Images” and “Shutterstock”, you can also use the search bar above at the top right of the screen to search for specific types of scenes.

Adding a standard scene to your video

Just as you did with Branded Scenes, click on any standard scene and it will automatically be added to your video timeline.

That’s all there is to it. If you have any questions, please reach out to our friendly support team — we're happy to help!

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