All new Biteable Teams customers are invited to a 1:1 onboarding workshop aimed at setting you up for success. We'll send you an invite and a link to schedule a time that works for you and your team.

Your dedicated success manager will walk you through everything you need to know about Biteable Teams and answer any questions you or your team may have.

If other members of your team will be using Biteable, they're invited too! You can add whoever you'd like to the call.

What to expect during your Biteable Teams onboarding workshop

Your 1:1 onboarding workshop is about you, your team, and getting the most out of Biteable. Your onboarding call is customized around what videos you want to create and how we can help you achieve your goals and targets. We'll also have some tips, tricks, and best practices to share with you along the way.

Your onboarding workshop might include any of the following topics — but it's really down to what you'd like to talk about, and how we can best support you.

Biteable training

Learn the ins and outs of features that make video creation with Biteable Teams easy. Get the inside scoop on Branded Scenes, Branded Templates, Voice-over, Capture and Record Me, Smart Editor and Advanced mode, and much more.

Define your goals

Whether it’s streamlining your weekly updates or leveling up your recruiting process, we’re here to help define your goals and create an action plan for success.

Review your branding

We’ll make sure you have everything you need to make on-brand, high-quality videos every time. If you have custom fonts you'd like to add to your account, just let us know.

Video support

We can take a look at what you’ve been working on and help you make even better videos.

Add team members

Your Biteable Teams plan includes 5 seats for you and your teammates. We’ll help add team members to your account and set up additional seats if you need them.

Training for your team

All teammates on your account are welcome to join us for this session. Shoot us an email and we'll add them to the invite.

Share your videos

We'll dive into best practices for getting your video out into the wild, and how to measure the success of every video.

Please note: Onboarding sessions are only available on a paid Biteable Teams plan and are not included in the 7-day trial.

Reach out to our friendly support team with any questions. A dedicated success manager is only available to Biteable Teams customers. Click here to learn more.

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