It's easier than ever to find and organize your video projects. Introducing Folders — space for you and your team to sort, catalog, and collaborate with ease.

With Biteable Teams, you have access to two types of folders — Personal and Team. Only you can see and edit Personal projects, while videos in your Team folder can be accessed and edited by anyone on your team.

How to use Folders

When you log in to your Biteable account, you'll find Folders on the left sidebar of your dashboard. Drag and drop videos to move them between folders, or press the + button to create a new folder.

Team Library

You and your teammates can access, edit, and export all video projects added to your shared Teams library.

Anyone that has access to your shared Teams folder can copy a video to their personal library and edit it within their own account.

Sort projects

Easily organize and sort video projects to find the video you're looking for. Sort by:

  • Newest to oldest

  • Oldest to newest

  • By name from A-Z

  • By name from Z-A

Moving projects between Folders

To add or move a video between folders, simply drag and drop your video project into the desired folder.

We can't wait to see how Folders helps you collaborate with your teammates. Please reach out to Biteable support with any questions.

Folders are only available in our Biteable Teams plan. Click here to learn more.

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