Capture your most important messages with Record and Record Requests. Record tools take the hassle out of capturing first-person footage for your videos — request responses, hit record, and see the final results all within Biteable

How to send Record Requests

Send a Record Request to invite coworkers or customers to make a cameo in your video. A Record Request can be sent to anyone — they don't need to have a Biteable account.

  1. Click "+ New video" via the top menu bar, then "Request recording"

  2. Fill out your project details

  3. Add the email address of each invitee and your prompts

  4. Click send

Your invitee will receive an email about the Record Request, including your project information, video prompts, and a link to record their responses. Record will automatically connect to any device’s camera and microphone for quick and easy capture — just hit record and start speaking.

Recording a response

The Record screen includes your prompt, the contributor’s video preview, and a space to write speaking notes.

Contributors will be asked to record a new video response for each prompt you include. This makes it easy to add relevant responses to different scenes in your video.

Contributors can also record their screens by pressing the "Record my screen" button, then choosing which screen they'd like to record. Find out more here.

Reviewing video responses

Once your contributors have recorded and approved their responses, we’ll let you know. Submissions are immediately imported into your "My Uploads" folder via the "Add" tab of any video.

Record yourself

Want to be the star of your own video? You can also use our Record feature to self-record directly into your Biteable account. You’ll find the “Record yourself” button via the "New" dropdown in the top menu bar.

You can also record your screen by hitting the "Record my screen" button to the left of your screen. Find out more about recording your screen here.

Adding Record clips to your videos

Access all Record Request submissions and Record videos via the "My Uploads" folder. Head to the "Add" tab in any video, and then click "My Uploads." You'll see folders for each Record and Record Request you've captured.

Say goodbye to downloading, uploading, attaching, and repeat — everything is waiting for you right within Biteable.

What else do I need to know?

  • Record works on most devices, including mobile.

  • The quality of the recording will depend on the device it was recorded on. Try to limit the number of programs running while you record.

  • Record videos can be downloaded from Biteable as .mkv. You can convert them to MP4 to be used elsewhere.

We can't wait to see what you create! Reach out to support with any questions.

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