Your "For You" page shows your recently edited videos and quick access to actions and information on each video project.

  • Enable Team Sharing: Turn on "Team Editing." This allows you to collaborate with team members and gives them access to that same video project.

  • Duplicate: Duplicate your video so you can make edits on the copied version without losing the original. Helpful if you make your own templates, or if you want to create monthly updates!

  • Jump to Folder: This will quickly get you to the Personal Library/ Folder

  • Video Setting: This is to change your video aspect ratio

  • Delete button: This is to delete your video. Please make sure you are sure you want to remove this video as this can not be undone.

On each video card, there are also 3 icons to help you get quick insight to each video:

  • View icon: This will show you your views and analytics as a quick glance

  • Share icon: This gives you quick access to your share link

  • Info icon: This on the bottom right of your video preview allows you to see details like when this video was created and its last updated date.

Those buttons will definitely make some processes a lot easier. Give them a try!

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