There are some important actions you can take regarding your video projects on your Home page. When you hover over any video you have, you'll see Options button on the upper right side of your video. Here is what they mean:

  • Enable Team Sharing: Click this button if you'd like to turn on "Team Editing." This allows you to collaborate with team members and gives them access to that same video project.

  • Duplicate: If you'd like to use the same style for most of your videos, the duplicate button will duplicate the video, so you can make edits on the copy version without losing the original one. Helpful if you make your own templates, or if you want to create monthly updates!

  • Jump to Folder: This will quickly get you to the Personal Library/ Folder

  • Video Setting: This is to change your video aspect ratio

  • Delete button: This is to delete your video. Please make sure you are sure you want to remove this video as this can not be undone.

Those buttons will definitely make some processes a lot easier. Give them a try!

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