The Smart editor is now available for Biteable Teams plan subscribers. ✨ This editor is a video creation wizard designed to work exclusively with Branded Scenes. This simplifies the video-making process for those who need to make a lot of professional videos without a lot of time.

Some Smart Editor highlights:

Brand Setup: Pull in your company's brand with just a few clicks.

  • Type in your company’s domain and click on the Scan Website button. This will pull in your brand’s name, brand color, and brand logo.

  • Adjust your brand colors by changing the hex codes, removing unwanted colors, or adding new ones.

  • Add additional logos or swap out logos by clicking the + (plus) button.

Finished? Hit the "Looks good, let’s start" button and your brand setup will be applied to all scenes in the video automatically.

Screenplay: The editor area (on the left side) where Scenes Blocks are displayed in a vertical format. Here is what you can do in this area:

  • Add/ delete scenes: Hover in between scenes to find the "Add" button and add new branded scenes. To delete the scene, hover over the three dots under the scene number, you’ll see the delete option.

  • Update captions/text: Add, change or remove text here for your scene. You'll see a preview in real-time as you type. The scene length will be automatically adapted to the amount of text. You'll also find the text lockups which adjust the text layouts and fonts sizes to look great on the scene.

Scene preview: A video player (on the right side) that shows the preview of the scene you are currently editing.

But wait, there's more!

  • Update audio: You can update the audio on the top left of the video preview. You can choose the audio from our music library, or you upload your own song/audio to your video.

  • Color combos: You also have the ability to change the scene color, animation color, and text color under the video preview box. Each square indicates a color combination option. Keep clicking to change the animation color.

  • Upload/change media: On the bottom right side of any scene with media, you can manage your uploads like logo caption, background image, and video. You can upload audio, images/videos. Trimming videos and adjusting the image frame is also supported.

Last but not least, you can always switch back to the Advanced Editor when needed. Simply slide to the right on the Smart and Advanced button on the top right corner of the preview scene.

We hope you enjoy using the Smart Editor. Keep the feedback coming!

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