If you haven't seen them yet, the animation team here at Biteable has added amazing scenes to our stacks that allow you to put video with audio into frames. Things like tablet, desktops, even apple watches can all be the highlight point around a talking head or interview in your video.

We don't have the easiest support for layers today, so as we work on improving it there are a few things you might want to know before using a frame.

The frame element you see is essentially a "logo caption" with a transparent hole in the middle, allowing us to see your "background" upload right through it. Because of this, it can be hard to select the background element to make changes. There are two ways to select the background upload:

  1. Move the frame, click the background and resize as you need, then return the frame to match

  2. Suggested method: Click anywhere in the background of the scene with the timeline at the bottom of the page. See gif below:

Our best recommendation is to leave everything alone. These scenes have been designed, formatted and built so that you can pop in your own video and move on to the next scene!

  • Add a frame scene

  • Click "replace background" and replace with your video upload

  • Watch your video pop right into place!

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