If you've been with Biteable for a while, you'll know that our current version of the app is not what you see by default. The old version is now lovingly dubbed "Biteable Lite" and it's invisible to newer users.

We know that Biteable Lite is very easy to use, however, since then, we've developed a cooler, more advanced product that we think you'd love, called Biteable Pro! Biteable Pro comes with more templates and awesome features like different ratios for your video, control of where you want your text to be, editing the project with your team members (exclusive to Teams plan), uploading a video with audio, and so many more.

We're currently concentrating all of our programming power to develop Biteable Pro further, and we have decided that we will no longer work on improvements for Biteable Lite. Biteable Lite will still be available for a while! We just aren’t releasing new templates, fixes, or features for it anymore. Eventually, Biteable Lite as a program will be retired completely. When this date comes, we'll let you know.

We sincerely wish you'll try your hand at Biteable Pro so you can see the new content and features. We think you'll love it!

Thank you for your support and please enjoy our Biteable Pro version! :)

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