Having a clickable button at the end of your video can be a powerful tool to direct your audience from your fantastic video right to your website.😎

At the moment, CTA buttons are only available for our Premium plan (monthly or yearly) subscribers. You will find an option for this feature when you're on the Export page.

Creating your Button

  1. Head to the Export Page, and click Add Call-to-Action.

  2. Click the toggle at the top to enable it

  3. Insert your call to action message on the Message box, up to 300 characters

  4. Type in your Button text, up to 50 characters

  5. Enter your website URL (where you want the button to link to). Please make sure that it needs to start with http:// or https://. For example, www.biteable.com will show an error message. The correct format would be https://biteable.com.

  6. Click Save Changes, take a sip of your favorite drink. You're done!

Don't worry, you can edit everything again if you change your mind.🙌🏻

Using the CTA Button

Please know that the CTA button will not appear on the preview on the export page. If you want to see it live, you must go to the watch page. You can get your link to the watch page by clicking the Copy Link button on the Export page:

Please also note that the CTA button will not appear if you take your video offline / export it. Like taking fruit off a tree, the button will not link to the URL you specified anymore. You can share your video with CTA to other platforms, but most platforms will override it because they have their own settings.

Now you know all about our brand new CTA feature. Put them in your video and usher your audience to your awesome page✨

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