As a diverse company, we aim to support every language in the world in our platform, so everyone can make videos for their specific audience groups.

However, at the moment, double-byte languages (Arabic, Japanese, Chinese, Hebrew, Hindi, etc) are not supported in Biteable. We are currently fixing the way our text animation works with the ligatures in the characters. Our current iteration makes the words break in inopportune times and some words may become inaccurate. We're incredibly sorry for this inconvenience!

In the meantime, you can input your text as a picture using our Logo Caption capabilities. If you have your text entered in a word processing app, you can screenshot it and upload it to Biteable as a logo. We understand that this is not ideal, but we have heard from our users that this works as an alternative.

If you found other workarounds, please feel free to share them with our Customer Support team. Thank you for your understanding!

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