You know our "Logo Caption" feature? This is also how you would add multiple of your own images to the foreground of your scene.

As you know, you can pick an animation, storyblock, or Shutterstock clip (see Ultimate plan) to the background of each scene. You also know that you can add caption, and logos to the foreground to add content.

If you wanted to add multiple images, or logos to the same scene, follow below:

  1. From your timeline, click "Add Logo Caption" to create a second caption with a place to upload a photo

  2. Upload your first photo using our logo uploader and position as you please

  3. Click on the first photo and click the "+" plus sign

  4. Then, upload your second photo and reposition as needed

You can have an unlimited amount of photos on one scene! Just remember, clean, short, punchy messages are always best!

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