You made an amazing Biteable video and now, you need the world to know how great it is - we've made it easy!

Once you've finished creating your video in the "Edit" screen, head to "Export" to build and render your video. Once it's done being built, you can choose from a couple of options to share your video:

  1. Copy Link: This allows you to share a link to your video that will redirect your viewers back to the Biteable Watch page. A specific page where your video lives. This is also the best way for us to track Analytics!

  2. Share: Hovering over this button will give you different social media platforms to share on. Clicking these will generate shareable posts/links and or upload to those platforms (such as Youtube.) *See this article on how to edit your custom thumbnail on LinkedIn.*

  3. Embed: The embed option provides a code that allows you to put your video into web pages as needed.

  4. Download: You can also download your video as a file and share as email attachments or otherwise!

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