Your message, of course, is a key part of your Biteable project! You have a punchy text that you want to enter into that animation scene you really like, so this article will guide you through how you can do it, and what you can do with your captions once it's there.

Adding Captions on a Blank Scene

If your scene has a Caption layer ready, simply click twice to select the layer and start editing the text. If it doesn't, follow these quick steps:

  1. Click Add Text Caption (T button) in the upper left corner) and edit away!

  2. Or, on the timeline, select the scene you want.

  3. Click + Add Text Caption, and pick Add Caption on the pop-up option.

  4. Start editing the text in your new text box!

Pro tip: The text box can be dragged to the sides for size! Give it a try to put a spin on your text.

Adding and Removing Text Boxes

One line of text not enough for you? We've been there! Biteable's got your back, follow along:

  1. Select the Caption layer

  2. Click on the Plus button next to your current text.

  3. Your new text box has been added! Start editing and adding your text, adding more text boxes as you go!

If you want to remove the text box, click the Trash Can icon instead of the Plus button. Simple as that!

Formatting Your Caption

Once added, there are many things you can do to make your caption pop off the screen.

On the right sidebar, you will see the following options under Text Properties:

  1. Font Family, Font Size, Font Weight, Line Height: Your classic options to change the font, size, weight, and line height of your text.

  2. Capitalize: Click on this if you want to auto-capitalize your whole caption!

  3. Text Color: An option to change the color of the text. You can use our selection or your own Hex code.

  4. Ribbon Color: Editing the color of the background of your text.

  5. Align Left, Center, and Right

  6. Bullet points and Numbered Lists

Adding Text Animations

When your text has been beautified, it's time to add animations. Simply click on the caption, and select one of the below animations in the right sidebar (under text properties). Here are the animation options, shown in a handy .gif form!

Bullet Points and Numbered Lists

You can now add bullets and numbers to your text without doing any more tricks!

Now you're ready to put your message on your video. Have fun!

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