To add more dynamics to your amazing project, you can deploy one of our amazing transitions. This will add movements or effects between your scenes, and make it look extra mind-blowing.

Biteable has many transitions for you to pick from. They're all great, so we don't blame you if you fall in love with multiple effects and can't decide which one to use. We suggest trying out everything, honestly, so you can make the best decision:

  • None

  • Swipe Left, Swipe Up

  • Cross Fade

  • Circle Reveal

  • Curtain Open, Curtain Close

  • Window Open, Window Close

  • Zoom In, Zoom Out

  • Spin

  • Ripple

Adding a Transition Effect

To add a transition effect to your scenes, follow these easy instructions:

  1. Select the scene to which you want to add the effects.

  2. Click on the Butterfly icon (two triangles facing each other on the points) and pick your desired transition from the pop-up.

  3. Click Play, and watch it play at the beginning of the scene!

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