A logo is the easiest way for people to recognize your brand, so of course, you should showcase it in your beautiful Biteable project!

Adding a Logo

To add your logo to the project, follow the below instructions:

  1. Head down to the Timeline and click an existing Caption or an Add Caption section.

  2. Select Add Logo Caption.

  3. A circle placeholder and a caption box will load. Click on the Add Logo placeholder to activate an Upload pop-up.

  4. Select your logo, and you're done!

To add more than one logo to the scene, simply click on the existing logo and select the Plus icon. One more placeholder will be added. If you've added too many, click on the Trash Can icon. Your video will thank you!

Pro-tip: If you're uploading a PNG logo, make sure that the size is less than 1920px in its widest/longest side to preserve its transparency.

Adjusting Your Logo

After loading your logo into your Biteable project, you can adjust it further to suit your needs. Simply click on your logo to select and activate the Logo Adjustment sidebar, and let's begin!

There are three types of adjustments that you can apply to your logo, and the below quick guide will help you through it.


You can have your logo framed in a circle, a square, a rounded circle, or none (transparent). Our logo looks like these with every option, and we're not sure which one we love the most:


Your frame doesn't have to be filled in white! You can pick whatever color you want by clicking the circle next to Background. This will prompt a color picker, including a Hex Code option for that special shade of mauve you've always seen in your dreams. Once you're satisfied, click Save Changes.


Logo scale corresponds with the size of your logo relative to your frame, It can be zoomed in or out as much as you'd like until you get just that perfect size!

Animating your Logo

It's time to apply some video magic to your logo! Biteable has several animations for you to pick from. They're all fantastic, so we don't blame you if you can't decide:

  • Fade In

    Your logo begins in mysterious fogginess, and transitions gracefully to solid clarity.

  • Scale Up

    Your logo starts as a small, faraway thing, and grows to its full potential in a quick blink.

  • Elegant Rise

    Like the sun, your logo rises super quickly to light up your scene.

  • Rotate Bounce

    Your logo does a pretty, enthusiastic spin like a beautiful ballet dancer.

Pick your fighter, and click the preview scene button to see it in action!

Now that your project has your logo on it, you're that much closer to wow-ing your audience. Good job!

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