Images can be easily added to any scene in your Biteable video. They can be added as a background image or as a foreground image. This article discusses adding images to the foreground.

Adding an image

Note: If you're a Teams customer, you will need to be in Advanced editing mode to follow these instructions.

To add a foreground image to a scene:

  1. On the upper left corner of your editing page, Click "Add Image Caption" button. This will load the image only without the text (you can always add it later)

  2. Click on the Add image placeholder followed by Upload.

  3. Select your image.

To add more than one image to a scene, click on the existing image and select the plus icon. Another placeholder will be added. To remove an image, select it in the canvas, then click on the trash can icon.

Pro-tip: If you're uploading a PNG image, make sure that the size is less than 1920px in its widest/longest side to preserve transparency.

Adjusting your image

After adding your image, you can adjust it further. Start by clicking on your image to select it and activate the image sidebar on the right.

There are three types of adjustments that you can apply to your image: shape, background, and scale.


You can frame your image in a circle, square, rounded circle, or no shape (transparent).


Select a color by clicking the circle next to Background. This will prompt a color picker where you can choose from the palette or add a hex code. Once you're satisfied, click Save.


Zoom your image in or out using scale. Use the slider to grow or shrink your image relative to its frame.

Animating your image

Biteable has several animations that can be applied to foreground images. To select one, first select your image, then look to the toolbar on the right.

  • Fade in

    Your image begins in mysterious fogginess, and transitions gracefully to solid clarity.

  • Scale up

    Your image starts as a small, faraway thing, and grows to its full potential in a quick blink.

  • Elegant rise

    Like the sun, your logo rises quickly to light up your scene.

  • Rotate bounce

    Your logo does a pretty, enthusiastic spin like a beautiful ballet dancer.

You now know how to add an image to the foreground in a video scene. You can also use this feature to add your logo.

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