Gone are the days you have to sync a separate track to your project or edit Biteable projects in complicated audio software! Now, with our Premium Plan, you can easily upload your own videos complete with its own audio right to your Biteable projects. Yay! 🥳

Check out our Update template here, as an example!

With uploaded videos and audio, the track that you choose for your project will fade and play behind your video's audio. Then, if you have regular scenes in your video, the music will crank back up again, keeping your video groovy. Uploaded videos with audio will have a small speaker icon and an "Audio attached" label on the left corner of the scene.

Editing Audio-in-Footage Volume

Once you uploaded footage with audio in it, you can also control the volume for that footage, so it doesn't blast your audience's earphones off! Here's how you do it:

  1. Simply click on the scene to activate the right-hand menu

  2. On the right sidebar, slide the volume slider to the level you want.

  3. You can also mute the footage, or set it to fade in or fade out as the scene passes.

Check out this quick .gif below - it illustrates using all the sound options:

Pro tip: If you want to only use a part of the video you have uploaded, click Trim Footage to cut to the bit that you want.

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