How do you see your scenes in action before committing to a full-on render? By previewing! There are 3 ways of previewing your videos on Biteable, and we're going to show you how they work.

Scene Preview

You can preview just the current scene you're working on to make sure all the elements work well together. Simply click the small play button on the bottom-right side of the Editing box. Your scene will play, along with the transition you have chosen.

Play From Anywhere Preview

Within our newest timeline, simply hover over the spot where you want to start previewing and click the blue play button. This will play from the spot you chose. You can also stop it wherever click.

Don't see the new timeline in your account yet? You will soon. If you don't want to wait, reach out to support to get early access!

Video Preview

To preview your entire video from the top, click on the bigger play button on the left side of the Timeline. By default, your project will play from 00:00 all the way to the end unless you click Stop. You can then click any scene as your start point, and click the Play button to resume play.

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