On Biteable, once you have uploaded a form of media (image, video, or music), we keep it in storage for you to reuse, so you don't have to upload that cool picture of your product, or the jingle you created, over and over again!

Uploaded Pictures and Videos

To access this, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the Background of your Scene

  2. Click "Select Background" or "Change Background"

  3. Select My Uploads on Type of Scenes

  4. Find the videos and scenes you have uploaded!

Ideal File Size

While you're free to upload the media you'd like, we do have some max file sizes to make sure your uploads have the best quality in your video.

  • Max photo size: 100mb

  • Max Video size: 100mb (should only be an issue for long, or 4k video uploads)

Uploaded Music

To get to the music and audio track you previously uploaded, simply click on the melody icon at the bottom left of your timeline, and select Upload. You'll find "My Uploads" below the "Add Music" box.

Deleting Previously Uploaded Media

Deleting is simple! When you encounter an item you don't need anymore, click on the X button next to their thumbnail or line. It will then be permanently deleted.

All done! Go forth and create with your uploaded media, making really memorable videos for your audience!

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