All Biteable accounts come with an extensive library of stock footage from Storyblocks (one million scenes), but you also have the option to purchase premium clips via Shutterstock. The possibilities are endless!

Shutterstock Library

Your access to Shutterstock's premium clips is pay-per-clip. Premium footage purchased by team members on a Biteable Teams plan can be used by anyone in your team an unlimited number of times.

Accessing the Shutterstock Library

To begin using Shutterstock scenes, follow these two easy steps:

  1. From your video, click Add on the top left, or the Plus button at the right end of your Timeline

  2. On the next screen, select Shutterstock

When you click the Shutterstock option, you will see an information screen about Shutterstock's Terms of Use. Once you click "OK, got it", you're ready to go!

Using the Shutterstock Scenes

Once you add your selected scene to your timeline, when the background is selected you will see the right options bar changing to the below:

Replace Background

You can use this option if you want to go back to the Library to change the background scene.

Delete Background

It's the Trash Bin icon next to the "Replace background" button. You click on this to take the selected footage out of your Scene.

Trim Footage

If you'd like to showcase only a specific bit of the footage on the scene, you can click Trim.

For example, if the scene shows the models moving closer, and then dancing and moving away, but you want to only show the part where they dance close to each other, simply select this function and use the sliders to clip the footage, as you see on the .gif above!


We have three options in the Placement category:

  1. Zoom, to magnify or reduce the size of the footage in the background.

  2. Flip, to rotate the footage 180 degrees.

  3. Reset, to bring everything back to the default setting.

Color Filter

The color filter option will cast a color overlay on top of your scene. You can choose your color, and select the opacity by using the slider.

Background Color

The last option, changing the color of the background of the scene! Simply click on the circle, and select that perfect shade for the backdrop of your fabulous scene. This is extra fun if you push the footage to the side to reveal some plain background behind it!

And now you know how to use our awesome Shutterstock library! Go forth and impress your audience!

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