One of our favorite things on Biteable is our great library of Animations to serve as the background of your projects! These animations are customizable and very versatile. Whatever your message, you will surely find an animation to accompany it!

Accessing and Using The Animation Library

To use our Library of Scenes:

  1. Click on the Add tab or the Add Scene plus button on the right end of your timeline.

  2. Select Animations in the Type of Scenes category, and browse our Stacks (folders). Similarly-styled animations are grouped in one Stack.

  3. Click the Scene you need, and it will be automatically added to your Timeline.

Pro tip: You can add multiple scenes at once! Just keep clicking and selecting those scenes, and watch them line up on the Timeline. That being said, you can only have one animation per scene.

Editing Animation Scenes

You can edit the animation scenes once you add them to the timeline so they better fit your message.

To edit, click on the Animation or scene background to activate the Editing options. These will appear on the right-hand screen. You'll see the following options:

Replace Background

You can use this option if you want to go back to the Library to change out the scene.

Delete Background

It's the Trash Bin icon next to Replace. You click on this to take the selected animation out of your Scene.

Trim Animation

If you'd like to showcase only a specific bit of the animation on the scene, you can click Trim.

For example, if the animation shows two hands appearing one by one, and then making a handshake, but you want to only show the handshake, simply select this function and use the sliders to clip the animation, as you see on the .gif above!

Pro Tip: If your scene duration is longer than the duration of the animation, it may start to loop! Keep that in mind when creating your videos!


We have three options in the Placement category:

  1. Zoom, to magnify or reduce the size of the animation on the background.

  2. Flip, to rotate the animation 180 degrees.

  3. Reset, to bring everything back to the default setting.

Animation Colors

Most of our Animations have the option to customize colors. Each circle represents a different section of the animation that you can edit. Click each circle to change to your preferred color. We also support HEX codes so you can get that special shade of green that will fit your branding.

Color Filter

The color filter option will cast a color overlay on top of your scene. You can choose your color, and select the opacity by using the slider.

Background Color

The last option, to change the color on the background of the scene! Simply click on the circle, and select that perfect shade for the backdrop of your fabulous scene.

All done? Congratulations! Happy video-making and may all the powers of the hex code be with you.

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