We send you a copy of your invoice after charging your card, but on occasion these land in your spam folder or elsewhere in your inbox. If there's ever a time where you need a copy of your invoice, or need to update the details, read on:

You'll find all of these options under your Account Details page, then click the "Tax Invoice" button on the top menu bar.

Downloading Past Invoices:

From within your "Tax Invoice" tab, scroll to the bottom to see the last 5 invoices. Click the "generate invoice" button to the right of the invoice you need and it will download for you to use.

Generating New Invoice:

If you can't find your invoice, or need it with different information, you can generate a new one from the Account Details page. Click "Tax Invoice" from the menu bar and fill out the fields below to generate a new invoice. Please also reach out to Support to update your billing information if it has changed.

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