Anyone and everyone can use Biteable to put their message in motion. A free version and a variety of paid plans are available to Biteable customers. Find out which plan is right for you.

Paid vs. Free Biteable accounts

Free accounts

A free account gives you access to many of Biteable's video creation tools and features. Free users have access to thousands of video templates, animations, images, footage, and soundtracks. Use a free Biteable account to create, edit, and download video projects with the Biteable watermark.

To remove the Biteable watermark, upgrade to a paid plan.

Paid accounts

Paid plans unlock access to Biteable's most powerful tools and features. Upgrade to a paid plan with a monthly or yearly subscription, or start a free trial to explore our easy-to-use video-making software.

Visit to see available plans and learn more about premium tools and features like instant branding, Branded Scenes and Templates, Voice-over, and Capture.

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