Here at Biteable we offer both free and paid versions of our product.

Free Account

Our free account is just that, it's free. It allows you to create videos and even download them as needed. With the free account, the Biteable watermark will always appear on your videos as seen below:

You can still share them on social media, use most of our content. The great thing about the free account is that you can get the video just right before you decide which direction to take.

Paid Account

When you pay for Biteable you are paying for a monthly or yearly subscription. Our Paid accounts give you many more features, more content, and more functionality. You can add your own watermark, access fantastic Shutterstock clips, and with Ultimate, our highest package, you can upload video with audio attached and work with teammates (3 team members) to share videos and work together.

To check it out just head over to and view the great features you can get on your account.

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