Fresh off the press!🥳😎 You can now apply a Style to your video. This will make it so much easier for you to change the look of your video in one simple step. If you’re a brand manager, this would help you make sure all the colors are up to code too!

To start, select the Style tab after adding all of your scenes. On that screen, you will see the scenes you have in your Video. By default, all scenes are selected so the Style would apply to all scenes, but if you decide that you want the Styles to apply on some scenes only, simply click on the scene thumbnails to exclude them.

Do you have all your scenes selected and ready? Awesome 🙌 The left sidebar has many, many options for you to play around with:

  1. Text style or Font

  2. Text Color for Primary Text (main text or Header of your scene) and Other (the content of the scene)

  3. Ribbon Color to customize the highlight color behind your awesomely written copy to make it pop just that little bit more, for both Primary and Other text

  4. Background Color for your scenes

  5. Animation Colors for Primary and Other animations

Go ahead and try many different color combinations! When you’re ready, select Apply Changes. However, you end up not liking them, click Reset All Scenes to revert everything back to the original color palette.

We hope this fresh feature will make it easier for you to make your phenomenal projects! As always, if you have any questions, let the Customer Service team know and we’ll help you out!🍀

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