So you've been referred by a friend! That's awesome - once you sign in for a paid/Premium plan, you're eligible for a free month, and your friend will get a free month as well! Everybody wins!🙌

This article will guide you on how to take the advantage of it. Please mind that at the moment, only active Premium plan subscribers can refer other people into Biteable (In the future, we hope to roll this out to free users as well, so stay tuned!). Receivers of referral benefits can only be first time subscribers, who had never subscribed or had an account with us before.

To share your referral link, go to the Account Details option and click the Get A Free Month! option. On the next screen, you'll see the link and option to share it on several social media platforms.

Once you click on a friend's referral link, you'll get to the below page, where you can click Claim your free month to start the entire process. You will be directed to a login/sign up page, where you can do that fancy, secure thing with the email and password.

Once you're done, you'd need to go to the Account Details menu (three stripes/hamburger menu on top right corner), and select Manage Subscription. On the screen after that, select one of the plans (Yearly or Monthly and Plus or Ultimate). You can also read more about what each plan includes, so you'll make the best choice for yourself.

After you picked a plan, enter your payment details and you're all done! Congratulations on setting up your awesome Biteable journey🥳 If you find that you have been charged incorrectly, please contact customer support with the name of your friend, or the referral link that you have used, and we'll sort it all out for you.

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