Our newest update is here! If you're an Ultimate tier subscriber, you can now edit videos together with your teammates on Biteable. No more nights creating your videos alone, now you can put together all your team members' video mojos to make that project get done quicker.🏆

To start, you must have your Team all set up. You can learn more about setting up a Team over here. With all of that done, you can then turn on Team Sharing by clicking Share within the project you're editing. On the next screen, slide the On toggle. Your video will now show in your team member's My Videos page, and you can edit your Biteable projects together. Simple as that!

In your My Videos view, you can filter the videos. The ones shared with your Team Members (including the projects they share with you) will appear in the Team Videos view, and your other projects can still be found in the All Videos view. The shared videos will have a Team logo on the top right.

This feature is very new, so we're looking for your feedback! Please let us know what you'd like to see in Biteable by going to this feedback link. If you have any issues, let our customer service team know. We've got your back!🏋️

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