Currently, Biteable has two versions: Lite (our original, easy video maker from 2015) and Pro (our next-generation app with more customization options) with separate My Videos pages.

At the moment, Pro templates can only be used in Pro, and Lite templates are also exclusively available for Lite. We are working very hard to enrich Pro (as it is fairly new!) with more of our best-loved Lite scenes.

How is Pro different from Lite, you ask? Well, it's our shiny new app with these awesome features:

  • Supports 16:9, 9:16, 1:1, and 4:5 aspect ratios.
  • Your text can be anywhere in the frame instead of in a set text box.
  • You can choose what animation you like, how big it is, where you put it...
  • No character limit per scene, and hundreds of font options.
  • Edit and customize the background in new ways. This includes animating movement, size adjustments, centering, and color filters.
  • Add music directly from the editor, no need to go to a new step.
  • Make scenes as short or long as you need. No more time constraints.
  • 3X the rendering speed.
  • Custom watermark and watermark image editing.
  • Ability to upload video longer than 30 seconds.
  • (new) Ability to upload a video with audio attached (exclusive to the Ultimate plan)

Both versions of Biteable (Lite and Pro) can be accessed and checked out by Free users. You can create videos and share them without paying a dime. If you're not sure which one you need, feel free to give them both a try! Our long-time users have access to both Pro and Lite, and newer users have access to Pro by default.

If you want to download your projects or if you want to share them without watermarks, you'd need to purchase a Premium subscription.

Here's what you get with a Premium subscription:

  • Downloadable MP4 files on Biteable Lite or Pro, in 1280x 720 HD TV quality
  • No more watermarks on your projects
  • You can upload your own short 30-second video clips as scenes to your Lite Projects
  • Access to a huge database of footage scenes (800.000+) and a special marketplace for Premium users when you use Lite
  • Ability to upload custom watermarks on your Pro projects (exclusive for Plus and Unlimited plans)

TL;DR: Biteable Lite and Biteable Pro are different versions of Biteable, not different tiers. Free users can definitely check out and use both versions. A Premium subscription is required for downloading your projects or taking our watermarks off them.

Want to know how to make your Biteable Pro projects? Head over here!

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