When it comes to social media and branding, the size of your logo and image matters. We don’t want your video to commit the cardinal sin of having blurry or stretched-out images!😱

When uploading your images to scenes pay close attention to the scene. Many of them will have the image dimensions written on it, like the picture ones here: 

Make sure you stick to the dimensions the scene wants, and your video should be ready to knock the socks off your viewers’ feet.🧦💨

Logos are a bit trickier, because they come in all shapes and sizes. For scenes with a round placeholder, a square based logo is best to make everything nicely centered. Psst, an extra tip here: make sure you don’t have a lot of white space around the logo when you upload it! The scene will try to fit all of them in, it will appear much smaller than it should be. For other logo scenes, a horizontal logo works well.

What size would work best for logos? 1000px wide is our favorite benchmark. If your logo is not behaving, no fear! Let our Customer Service team know and we’ll let you know how best to beat it into shape!✂️

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