It’s finally here! Biteable now offers a Team Billing and Management feature for subscribers of our Unlimited plan (yearly or monthly). With our latest update, beside the Billing features, we also support in-team Collaboration! You can now edit your projects together with your Team Members.

To start managing a Team, head to Account Details and select Teams on the next screen.

When you’re on our Unlimited plan, your subscription comes with 10 free seats. Click on Add Member and start adding your team members. There is no limit on how many you can have, but after the first ten free seats you'll have to ask Customer Service to help you out with adding them.

The next screen will tell you what happens after: your new team members will receive an email, and they must click the link in it to join your team. If the email doesn’t have an account in Biteable, they will follow a sign-up process. If there’s already an account with that email, don’t worry, they can still join your team and not lose their previous videos.

As their admin, now you can:

  1. Add, edit, and remove individual accounts (even for the free seats)
  2. Manage payment details for multiple people
  3. Generate receipts for multiple people at once

This centralized team billing makes managing multiple accounts easy to do, and still allow independence in each account. However, if you're looking to edit a project together, you definitely can do that by turning Share option on! Currently, Collaborations are only available in Biteable Pro.

If you have any questions about your Team, let our customer service team know!

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