You can render your fantastic Biteable Pro video by clicking Download. After the render is done, you can watch a rendered preview of the project, and you can choose to share or to download it.

Please note that clicking Download there will take a credit off your download limit according to your subscription plan. You are able to edit the video further once you have downloaded it, but you are only able to do this within the same billing period as the first download.

For example, if you've downloaded video A on your current billing period, you can edit and redownload it as many times as you'd like. In the next period, redownloading video A will cost you one credit (and then you can edit and redownload it again and again).

Also, since Biteable Pro is very new, we'd really appreciate your feedback going forward! Please let us know what you think here! Your insight helps us know which features we need to prioritize.

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