Another thing we love about Biteable Pro is our new animations available in the templates. But if you want to customize the background to suit you it's easy. There's two ways to ensure you're changing the right thing. 

  1. Just click on the background space (anywhere other than the text) and you'll see a lovely teal/aqua outline around the background just like this:

2. Click on the bottom (larger) box in the timeline and it will bring up the teal/aqua outline:

From there, you'll have options on the right hand side just like this:

You can choose if you want a color, image or footage as your background. So click the drop down arrow and choose:

All our images are provided by Unsplash and there's so many great choices. Our footage is the basic footage from the 1.0 editor and colors are basically unlimited!

We love it when you can really make it your own so if you want to upload your own image or footage just make that selection and then you can choose to upload: 

Once you've decided on the best picture, footage or color for your background you can then choose how you best want to present it:

Now all we want you to do is have fun with the product!

Also, since Biteable Pro is very new, we'd really appreciate your feedback going forward! Please let us know what you think here! Your insight helps us know which features we need to prioritize.

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