Biteable Pro is more customizable than any other Biteable offering and this means that our fonts and text have so many more options.

So, each new video already has a text/caption option in the middle of the video like below:

You can delete the text in there and enter your own. You've got lots of options to choose from to really customize it too. On the right hand side you'll find your font type, size, font weight and line height options:

You can then choose to capitalize the font, change the font color, the background color and the alignment.

Now that you've sorted out what you want to say and how it should look, you can then choose how it will appear in your video.

With so many options your text never has to be boring again!

You can then preview how it looks and change anything you want at any time to make it suit your video perfectly. 

Also, since Biteable Pro is very new, we'd really appreciate your feedback going forward! Please let us know what you think here! Your insight helps us know which features we need to prioritize.

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