14-Day Guarantee Refunds

We'll issue you a refund if:

You're unable to use Biteable for your intended purpose. This means being unable to lengthen scenes in Biteable 1.0 to fit your video concept and being unable to use the Biteable 2.0 Beta.

You haven't downloaded a video or shared it to social media. If you were just creating videos in the Biteable video maker and decided it wasn't for you, no problem.

You didn't create a video at all. We'll also issue you a refund if you haven't actively used Biteable within the 14-day period (and haven't downloaded any videos).

You downloaded a test video with gibberish text or no relevant information. Get in contact with our Customer Service team and we'll sort it out.

We can't issue you a refund if:

You created a video and shared it to social media, but you're not satisfied. If you've used Biteable for its purpose we can't offer you a refund.

You've changed your mind after using Biteable and downloaded a video or shared it to social media. We're really sorry that you're not happy with Biteable, but since you've used our software to make videos (its intended purpose) we can't offer you a refund.

General refunds

You've been billed for an unwanted renewal. We'll happily reimburse you for your renewal provided you haven't made any videos after the renewal date (and if you've been successfully billed for previous months).

Unauthorized purchase by a child. Kids are sneaky sometimes. If they use your card to buy a Biteable subscription, no problem – just contact Customer Service and let us know what happened.

Incorrect subscription purchased. If you meant to purchase a different subscription, we'll happily issue you a refund and help you grab the right one.

Incorrect card used. If you meant to use a different card, just contact Customer Support and we'll refund the amount to your account.

We can't give you a refund if you're in a dispute with your bank. If you believe it's fraud or an unauthorized charge outside the examples outlined above, you'll have to go to your bank to settle it.

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