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Getting Started with Biteable Premium

Welcome to Biteable Premium! (formally known as Biteable Teams)

This is your onboarding workspace filled with helpful resources to help you get started.

Before we jump in, access our exclusive Biteable Connect Slack channel by clicking below:

Join Biteable-Connect Slack channel here

Exclusive access our Biteable Connect Slack channel: an amazing way to get quick support, give us product feedback and hear from other Biteable customers about how they are using Biteable.

If you don't have Slack, or are having trouble connecting, contact support so we can help.

Next, follow the steps below to become a Biteable expert in no time!

Customize Your Account (3 min)

Setup and customize your brand
Invite your team members

Collaborate with your teammates (2 min)

Turn on video sharing for a video
Explore personal and Team folders

Explore content & create (5 min)

Explore our Templates Library
Start a video from scratch & explore scenes
Record yourself or your screen
Request a recording from someone else
Watch: Templates

Watch: Branded Scenes

Watch: Record Tools

Publish your first video (2 min)

Publish your video
Add an interactive call-to-action button
Share with your Team for comments & feedback

Now that you've done it all, you're probably a Biteable pro! Check out all the other articles in this section to learn even more!

Updated on: 23/05/2023

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