Video End Screen is a spicy new feature we’ve just introduced to Biteable. With it you’ll be able to add a clickable button that’ll appear when your video has finished playing.

To add a button to your video go to your video's publish page. On the right is a list of options, go down to ‘Video End Screen’ and click it to reveal the options.

  1. The first box, ‘Message’ is where you can enter some simple text that will accompany the button, like ‘Visit our website today!’
  2. The second box, ‘Button Text’ is where you can enter the text that will appear on the button, something like “Click here to download”.
  3. The third box, ‘Button Link’, is where you can enter the url (the web address) for whatever you want it to link to (e.g.

PLEASE NOTE: The button won’t appear if you download it as an MP4, but will appear on your website if you use the ’embed’ code from the ‘Embed’ button underneath the published video. The button will appear if you share it to Twitter from Biteable, but not on Facebook or YouTube.

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