Making your own animated video with Biteable Pro is super easy! Biteable Pro is our newest product. We've gathered so much feedback about our past product and did our best to incorporate that to this latest version, making it the best platform to create cool social media videos for any purpose.

Check out this short video in which Paul lets you know how to you can roll out your best video content yet with our awesome, brand new Biteable Pro:

Need a more step by step guide? We've got your back, you can read on to find out more!

First, determine whether you want to start with a Template or Start from Scratch. You can hover on the thumbnail to watch a preview. If a template catches your eye, just click on the Customize option, and you can smooth sail your way to awesome videos just editing the text on it!

If you'd like to freehand a video, from the Home screen, select Create New Video. On the next screen, you can write your video title, enable or disable custom watermarks (Team plan only*) and select the aspect ratio you want the project to be in. All set? Click Continue!

You'll be brought straight to our Library, where you can pick out the scenes in your videos. You have the options to use our mind-blowing Animations, stock Videos & Images, or Upload your own video or image. (Please note that videos uploaded will not take the music/audio on it.)

In this example, we've chosen one of our favorite animation scenes. Once you choose a scene, you can reposition and resize the text boxes and the animations to suit your taste:

Don't forget the options bar on the right side of the screen! While having the animation 'layer' active, you're able to Trim, Resize, Flip, and set Colors for the background or as an overlay filter. If you select the Text/Caption, you can change the Font, Font Size, Weight, Case/Capitalization, Text Color, Background Color/Highlight, Alignment, and Text Effect or Animation. Play around and find out what fits your project!

On the timeline below, you can shorten or lengthen the play duration of your background and your text by clicking and dragging on the element you want to customize. You can also add more text boxes here!

Don’t like a scene and want to start over? No problem - click the bottom part of the scene on the timeline (3 dots) and select Delete Scene. Loving a scene so much you wish you can create an entire video with just that scene? You do you! Click on the bottom part of the scene box on the timeline (3 dots ) and select Duplicate Scene.

You can now also add scene transitions to make your videos pop! Hover between two scenes and click on the Scene Transition arrow. Try out the effects we have in store!

With all of your scenes and text in place, choose what music will play with your video by clicking the soundwaves beneath the timeline! You can choose from our library of royalty-free music, or upload your own.

Your video is now ready to process! Click Download and select Build Hi-Res video to generate your preview. The system will then work their magic and when you're done, you can Download the video, or Publish it (Public or Hidden). You can also share to some platforms straight from Biteable, or copy embed code.

You can edit your video again once you've reached this point. Don't forget to select Download and Rebuild so your preview will include your edits. Your video is ready to go! Great job!

If you see anything confusing, message our friendly customer service crowd! We're happy to help!

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