1. Click “create new Biteable Pro video”, fill in Title, select video shape/aspect ratio, and canvas color, click Continue

2.  Choose a scene, or add your elements in! 

There are a couple of ways to start a Biteable Pro video from scratch. First is by using a scene from one of our lovely scene stacks:

You can then reposition the scene elements, change the background color, etc!

If you want to create something really from scratch, start with a background. Click on the Preview Box, and look at the right sidebar. You have three options on what to put to the Background: Color, Footage, or Image. 

  • For color, just click on what you’d like! You can also use a hex code to match your brand or favorite color.
  • Footage in the background is a great idea! Click the plus (+) button to choose content, and there will be a section sliding up. Use the Search function with a keyword, or Upload your own. Once you select the Footage you want, you can scale it up to zoom, click center to fill, or move it from side to side to make sure the part of frame you want is on the Preview Box. You can also Flip Horizontally.
  • A static image in your background can make it look awesome too. Select Image and click the plus (+) button to choose your content. You can select one from our Library through the Search option or Upload one of your own. When you’ve selected your favorite, you can add an animation/effect to it to jazz up the whole thing!

3. Next move: caption! To add text, select the Add Caption or Edit This Text button on the timeline. You can then input the text in the text box. To move it, click inside of the text box and then click and drag the box. To edit, click on the text line. You can change the font family, font size, font weight, and line height, as well as font color and alignment. When you’re done, scroll down on the sidebar and you’ll see Animate In and Animate Out. You can choose both or just one.

4. Once you have your desired text and background, you can set how long the elements would run. Hover on the timeline and you’ll see a white vertical bar. Click on it and drag! The same thing can be done to your Text element - note that you can add more than one text element in the same scene by clicking the little plus button beside the Caption element box on the timeline.

5. Are your scenes looking fantastic? Great! Now it’s time to add music. Click on the speaker icon! On the next screen you’ll be able to select one from our library, or upload your own.

6. Select Preview Scene to see how everything plays out. Have fun adding more scenes by clicking the blue plus button on the timeline, and complete your awesome Biteable Pro project! If you want to watch the entire thing to make sure it’s flowing well, click the Play (>) button.

7.  After one last check, click Download to start Rendering your video and save it into your device :) Great job!


  • Don’t like a scene and want to start over? No problem - click the bottom part of the scene on the timeline (3 dots) and select Delete Scene.
  • Loving a scene so much you wish you can create an entire video with just that scene? You do you! Click on the bottom part of the scene box on the timeline (3 dots ) and select Duplicate Scene.

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