There are a few more important points you should get acquainted with before you start using the Agency plan to make videos for your clients.

You can’t use Biteable to create and sell stock assets (modified or unmodified)

What do we mean by the term ‘stock assets’? Stock assets are images, audio or video files that are licenced for use and typically redistributed to more than one individual through online marketplaces. 

You can’t sell, or give away, a Biteable video as stock for others to download on third-party sites - including in its original form, modified in any way, or part of a bundle with other stock assets. Even if you’re not profiting from it and giving our video away for free, that’s a no-go as well.

For example: You can’t download a Biteable video and resell it as part of a stock footage pack, regardless of how much you modify it. 

You can’t use Biteable video in clone applications / DIY services

You can’t use “build it yourself” services to redistribute stock libraries of video(s)/audio assets either made partly or fully with Biteable. However, you can make custom videos for clients and transfer that video across to that individual (for a fee) using freelance platforms.

For example: You can’t upload Biteable templates to freelance websites and offer to change the text for a price - this is the equivalent of a clone app. But if you’re working with a client to develop content from a brief, that’s allowable - regardless of whether or not it’s through a freelance website.

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