To get started, just click on Try Biteable 2.0 in the top right of your screen

This will take you to a templates page. Choose a template that suits your needs by hovering over it to see it play. You can see more templates by moving to the next page. Click on the one you want to use.

This will take you to an edit screen where you can play the video again to make sure you want to use it. 

In the top left corner you will see the option to resize your video. This also shows the canvas color. Canvas color shows through between foreground animations.

From there you can drag the timeline selector (above scene in the timeline) to the part that you want to change. 

To change Text you click on the text in the scene and change it in-browser. You can change color, size, font and position. You can change it within a sentence too. Biteable is the first online video creator with this sort of in-browser text editing.

Next you can click on the foreground panel on the right and change the animation or add an image, or change the color. You can also move the foreground features around the screen.

You can also click on the background panel and change its features. But the background has images, footage, animations, and colors. 

After you’re done adjusting your scene you can view it by pressing the play button. You can adjust and view your video as many times as you want from wherever in the video you need to. 

Once you’re done adjusting and creating your video all you need to do is click on the download button in the top right corner. This will start the building process and then you need to click Download beside the built file in the dialogue box. 

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